About us

 About us

News crawls website can be described in two words Familiar and Online news it is very familiar to visitors and it will always be dedicated to Provide you the latest Online news that’s why we kept the Website’s tagline to – Familiar Online News


                         -Familiar online news

   This is an Online news website which provides you the latest and trending news in the online we always try to give information about Trending topics like:

Technology, Entertainment news, Online money, Science, Shopping, Education, Gadgets, Facts, tips, Sports, How to, and most trending topics in Google.

Our aim is to provide the news you deserve and which is related to our customers around the globe this blog is started on 2nd February 2018

We will Crawl (index) the latest News around the globe and we will provide it to our Visitors (Clients) who are searching for Online.

Our target is to make our visitors too much familiar to us.

Here is what you will find on News Crawls:                        

  •  70% Our main Priority is to provide Trending Gadget news, Technology news, Online news, Business news, Movie reviews, and also Youth related news.

 About Author of this blog (ME):        

  You can make anything by writing”

My name is Srinu Shree, I was not a professional writer when I started this blog actually, I’m a student Styding in college, Andhra Pradesh, India. 

I started this blog with passion, I want to take blogging as a serious carrier and I love to explore the internet and I like to write posts as well I was here to share a lot of youth-related stuff.

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