Amazon Recently released a”lite” Browser app in India


Amazon Company recently released a lite Browser app in India.

World’s one of the Popular and wealthiest Company Amazon Has Recently Launched am app Called “Lite” Browser In India.

Amazon has already Launched the Kindle Lite browser But it doesn’t Reached Good Signals and Doesn’t Ranked Well on Android Devices.

This is a Lite Version app 

For Example, Facebook has facebook lite In that way this is also a light Weighted and simple Looking app 

This App was Very Trending Topic now on Android devices Because of it’s Features are highly user-Friendly most Important Features is

  1. Amazon lite Browser is Lightweight, it only takes 2mb space on Your Android Phone.
  2. This Lite Browser Looks Simple and Unique  
  3. This app Contains Good and classy home Page 
  4. It’s Only Suitable for 5.0 and Above Android Versions 
  5. Amazon “Lite” Allows you to open Private (Incognito) Tab Like Shown In Below picture
  6. Trending News and App icons on Home Screen for a Fast experience
  7. After Launching this app it got 1000+ downloads and 4.2 ratings in Google Play store till now. 

Screen Shots

amazon lite browser app Amazon lite browser app

If you want a Simple browser And to save space on your mobile this is the Correct app For you to Download 

To download Amazon lite browser you want Android 5.0 (marshmallow) and Above Versions on your device.

Amazon Lite browser is also claiming to offer a private user experience by not asking any additional permissions or collect private data like other browsers.

The app is available for download via Google Play.

Similar to other web browsers including Google Chrome, Amazon’s Internet browser comes with a home page that features

An integrated section for trending news in the home page to make the user faster and a great experience.

The browser is designed to offer news and updated on the home page. It also comes with the private tabs option which will not save the browsing history of users.

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If any Questions is persisting About Amazon Lite Browser then, please feel free to comment your viewpoints.


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