Doraemon lyrics Song for Doraemon Lovers (Theme Song)

doraemon lyrics


Doraemon Lyrics For Doraemon Lovers

Hello Doraemon Lovers!

Doraemon Lyrics are One of the best things ever loved by Doraemon

doraemon lyrics
                    Doraemon lyrics

lovers that’s why we wrote lyrics below for you only.

I can understand how much are you in love with Doraemon Cartoon.

You may be 90’s kid who loves Doraemon and when you hear the word Doraemon

Doraemon song lyrics will automatically blink in your mind now you maybe watching Doraemon cartoon.

Doraemon Song Lyrics

“🎵Jindagi sawar doon
ik nai bahaar doon
duniya hi badal doon mai to
pyara sa chamatkar hun
mai kisi ka sapna hun
jo aaj ban chuka hoon sach
ab ye mera sapna hai ki
sab ke sapne sach mai karoon
aasma ko choon loon
titli ban udun
An an an…
mai hun ik udta robo
an an an
mai hun ik udta robo

Below we have posted a Doraemon title video song play the video song while singing to sing effectively 🎧 

Doraemon Theme Video Song (Opening song)

Also, do you want to see nobita, Sunio, Suzuki, Jeon?

Doaremon opening song is the best and favorite song for cartoon watching persons around the globe. 🎸

I think right now while watching this video you just memorizing those old days 

They are just sweet days in our lives when we are kids, isn’t it?

Hope you also have some doraemons in your life! yup you have your Doraemons in your life I mean friends 

Doraemon is not just famous because he is a robot but because he is a TRUE FRIEND hope you too have them in your life.

Do you Remember the characters nobita, Suzuki, jeon, and sunio? I only remember these characters 

If you remember more characters from this cartoon please comment down in the comment box and let us know

Enjoy watching Doraemon lyrics song?

Doraemon is our Best Friend from our childhood 😍

Please Share your thoughts, experience, episodes, characters, and also gadgets which you like in Doraemon cartoon.

I want to take doraemon drawer (time machine) and want to be a kid and want to see doraemon. you?

What is your favorite Gadget from Doraemon Pocket? 🎒

Comment Down! and meet Doraemon lovers like you…


  1. I’m23 and all my childhood memories are flashing in front of my eyes making me smile that shines through tears ☺️ I miss you past 😊 Thank you so much for this ❤️


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