How to Create a Best and Secure Password in (5 simple ways)

How to Secure Password


How to Create a Best and Secure Password in (5 simple ways)

create a best and secure password


           Let’s Learn How to Create a Best and Secure Password in (5 simple ways), Passwords are the only things which can secure you in this Digital World are you Safe with that passwords? 

Are you Utilizing them good? have you ever wondered what is the correct way to Create a Best and Secure password 

Which is strong good and remembered and Unique for only to you? 

To Choose a password you have to always remember this 5 ways to Create a Best and Secure Password

General Rules To Create a Best and Secure Password

Always follow the rules the website is telling like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and other Websites Every Website will have different rules

They will suggest you Choose Words like 

  1. Long Words Password 
  2. Also, Insert the numbers and Other Characters like (,%,@, etc 
  3. Remindable 
  4. Unique
  5. Secure

Now let’s see how you can setup this all steps to Create a Best and Secure Passwords

1. Long Words – Take a Sentence like only you know about it and a secret.

Example- “Ipassedtheway” this Sentence is rememberable but it is not secure it will be easy to watch for someone so now change it to ipasseddway

Changing “the” to “d” can be rememberable to you and it will confuse the stalker 

2. Characters Now Insert some values as you like “ipasseddway” to “!ipassedd-way”

I kept “!” (exclamation mark) here because it looks like “!” looks like “i” so you can remember and that exclamation mark is near to your finger

You can hide it with your finger and can type fast so stalker cant watch properly.

And I also inserted the “-” here(Hyphen) so after “ipassedd-way” Just imagine that “-” (Hyphen) looks like a bridge 

So “I passed the bridge way” it’s cool man, isn’t it?

This all marks inserted to make you remember because 

In this Social networking platforms the passwords will play a big role as a key a password is a key for all your Information.

3.Uppercase and Lowercase- Don’t make first letter uppercase casually try a unique alphabet to make uppercase take “Q” or “Z”

Because these alphabets are near to the shift button on pc so it makes you save time and effort. 

So now insert the “Q” alphabet in that sentence like “ipasseddQ-way” So it Looks like “I passed the Q bridge way” this is how you will remember.

4.Unique Platforms – How can you always type the same password in Variety platforms now you have to convert the passwords Related to that platforms like

Example – Facebook take any two words on Facebook I will select “fb” Now I will insert this words in my Password as I like

Instagram – “ipasseddigQ-way”

It’s that simple I have told all this, for example, don’t simply copy it take another word which you can remember like

  • “mrbeanisgoodboy”
  • “passwordproblem”
  • “hackmypassword”

So take unique sentences related to your Thoughts in starting it will be uneasy but after making it a hobby it will make you feel very good.

5.Secure –

Don’t give your passwords to anyone in any situation.

If you want more security you will have a two-factor mode on some websites like g-mail, facebook it will send a pin everytime you ask before the login.

Don’t share the O.T.P (One Time Password)

Don’t write in any Notebooks, Notes in Phones just create your Password like shown above.

Don’t keep your pets names and any another person’s name in the passwords.

Do you know any other Tips like this?

Please Kindly Share with us in Comment Box.

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