Jio Coin is Launching in India? (a short guide)

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What is JioCoin- Some Facts about Jiocoin

Jiocoin         JioCoin-Jiocoin is a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc, Cryptocurrency is a Digital Money it won’t settle in a permanent value it changes like gold but some in Unique way its a man-made Currency from some days Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are Trending because this value is increasing day by day so soo many investors are investing in Bitcoins. Let’s Jump in.. to know much about Jiocoin.

#1.Jio is Planning about to Launch Thier Cryptocurrency?

Yup, Reliance is Launching there bitcoin soon in India, Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani’s Team was doing this work with the 50 young Professionals on Blockchain technology blockchain technology is a Software-based program and it’s a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. like bitcoin, litecoin.


#2.What is the Price of it?


As per the news, it told that it will be 64 Rupee


s per Jiocoin it is same to Dollars (USD) it will change its value after Growing the market and it can decrease too in the same manner as Bitcoin.

#3. Jio: Launching Date

There is no such launching Date Revealed till now all are Rumours about it they will Promote there Launch Date officially on their Website or in any event until then don’t Be hurry-up to buy them there is also a fake website about jiocoin that website is taking personal information like email. Reliance Jio has warned that it will take Action on them and also such jiocoins are fake which are available in google play store there is still no such information about Launching date till now so don’t Download and don’t give your personal information to any websites until Reliance jio Launches Jiocoin.

#4. Can we Buy Jiocoin?

There is no such launched date till now so no way to buy Jiocoin When after Announcing the Jiocoin officially we can expect Jiocoin From Websites or any way to earn Jiocoins In all Cryptocurrencies Mining is a common and a best-used way. Let’s see how jiocoin will be useful for its User’s in the feature.


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