New 100 Rupee Note RBI will shortly release: All You Need To Know

New 100 Rupee Note

New 100 Rupee Note RBI will shortly release: All You Need To Know

     Rs 2,000 in notes of Rs 200 in yellow color, Rs.50 in notes of green color, 10 rupees note in chocolate color, The new notes in different color schemes were introduced by the Reserve Bank of India.

After announcing large notes, the security of these notes would increase the security of the duplicates. RBI has also taken a fresh one hundred rupees note. This new note will be introduced next month, ‘Business News’ reported. The note is said to be dark blue.

Though there are a new hundred rupees notes, it seems that there is no effect on the Rupees. “Business News” reported that the new Rs 100 note was already finalized at the printing press and print notes of Rs 100,000 notes.

Printing of these banknotes was also started at the Foreign Inc in Dias Printing Press. According to the new notes, banks are also making changes in their ATMs.

But our old 100 rupee notes are not banned at all

In August 2017, the RBI had introduced a new 200-rupee note. The front portion of the note was printed on the right side of the Ashoka pillar. This note came with the new series of Mahatma Gandhi.

In Devanagari script, a 200-digit note was printed on the front and back of the note…

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