Top Android Games in 2018



Top Android Games (Free) in 2018


                    There is soo many games in this Android world which are trending But Here Are The Top Android Games (Free) will Addict us and will become excited day by day here are some games which are addicted to soo many peoples in soo small time, and Unique.



Top Android Game Drop it Down

                             This game has soo many Different Levels and it is some tough and very addictive to game lovers it’s a quite and  Unique Mind Game it suites when you’re bored with your work it is the king of all mind games I deleted my chess and other mind games after installing this game a simple and unique game.



Top Android Game Smash Hit

               Smash and hit it was a tough game and designed with free edition and unique, good graphics with a different type of rooms and it’s a glass breaking game with different stages and friendly controls the music will make you run through all the tough stages if you purchase premium you can get a full experience of this game its a stress reliever it will don’t show you many ads (advertisements) in free edition and don’t disturbs in the middle of the game and 2$ bucks is cheap for this game when I purchased full version for me to actualy pay to get more!

3.Pokemon Go

Top Android Game Pokemon go

                       Pokemon Go game is an amazing app if you are in a well-populated area you can interact with other players it works with the help of data connection and also GPS you have to see the hided characters which are related to pokemon it gives you a great experience and I think this is the only one game which made gamers addicted to making roam around the roads and you have can collect great characters around the globe and will have some ranks, you can have a great experience when you are going on a trip soo addictive for the journey lovers and you can have a competition with your friends.

4.Hill Climb Racing 2

Top Android Game Hill climb racing

                                Rules and Controls: Hill climb racing is a tough game and this is an upgrading type of game you have to collect coins in that game and you have to purchase in each product like highways, trucks, lorries, cars etc.

And you always have to update those vehicles with gas with those coins you have to jump as big as you can and fill up the vehicle before time ends.


Top Android Game vector

                                Vector is a shadow game you have to run and jump tower to tower alone with and this is a neat graphics game and the hunter mode is there in this game it’s too hard this game suits all age members it will make you addict  you can also purchase the full version, Friendly controls it feels like playing with joysticks.



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