How to write posts that will attract visitors to your blog?

attract visitors to blog


How to write posts that will attract visitors to your blog?


      Before going to the main point, Here is the answer why I just writing this post because I have listened to a weird lie in Digital marketing and I’m still Listening to it so, I decided to write a post on this Topic in my blog.

If you are a newbie in blogging this post will just give you an awesome answer that your blog is waiting for. yes, your blog is waiting for traffic, of course, you too.

Traffic? ok, I know that every blogger is Going to get a high traffic on their blog even me too want that but what are the main factors to get traffic? Let’s see now.

Thier are soo many factors for traffic but, I will always follow Organic traffic because I didn’t like to depend on social media sites.

The visitor is not coming to your site to see 

  • Your site
  • Theme
  • Your Design’s

attract visitors to your blog

They are Just Coming to see the Article or Content that they are searching for so are you sure that are you serving that? Ok, this is the time to tell what is the big lie I listened and still listening to Digital marketing is.

  • Select a niche that you like or passionate about it and write the posts which you like!

Which you like? are you serious that writing the posts which you like can gain traffic? no not at all! Because selecting a niche you like is the right decision but what if you wrote the topics only you like? Now here is my favorite Quotation to Explain you Briefly.

“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want” – stevejobs

It means customers don’t have to wait until you serve the Answer or product they want you only have to know what they exactly want. My dear Bloggers don’t worry I’m here to explain briefly.

Suppose you have a tech niche and you’re very Passionate about it but you don’t know what exactly your visitors or customers want so how can you give or serve the correct article they want?

There will be thousands of bloggers in the same niche you’re working how can you rank your competitor? (as a Newbie)

Ok here is the key point be careful.

I think that some people have told that to you to write the content which you know it’s a Big lie!

Just think your competitors are writing the content about Android Oreo. you have written a content like what is android. who the heck is going to see it? no one is going to see you just have to engage with people who are similar to your niche.

I’m explaining my friend you have soo many ways to engage with your visitors.

Engage in social media and Attract Visitors to Blog

attract visitors to blog

Create a facebook group, which is similar to your niche.

And tell them to ask question’s which are they missing they will don’t ask questions like, “What is the android?” they will surely ask you about to write which is trending, for example.


attract visitors to blog

They will ask questions like:

  1. (“Write about android Oreo I have doubt on it my phone is ready to that update”)- This question is trending now and there will be low competition to this keyword.- and this question will have a high volume soo many people are going to search this.
  2. (I have a problem with some android I can’t find it on google)- so you have to write about that question and soo many people will engage to your answer.

“Real keywords are found in people’s words not from your brain or in any keyword tools”

If all are going to write about a new phone you have to find the problems of that phone. If a phone is releasing and your competitors are writing about that phone specifications. Then you have to write Post like new Phone vs Old Apple Phone.

Not only Facebook group also engage on Quora, Google plus, Reddit and also soo many platforms which you think they are useful.

The Conclusion

You don’t have to think of yourself to know the keywords or any Questions you have to brainstorm by thinking from Visitors way and you have to engage with Audience which people are waiting for your answer about a particular question or any topic. asking questions and answering can make your blog attract visitors.

I have told you a new way to engage with social media don’t simply write the old content you like or you know.

If you love the niche you can rule that niche. All that matters is your Content or Posts

Making a facebook page and sharing your posts and getting traffic is the old way now you have to straightly engage with the audience

I think some people in facebook groups told you that writing a post you know or you like can get traffic but what if you are writing a post all know?

So it’s time to think like famous bloggers they will also ask like this exactly like I shown you content is the King and you can Rule that if you wrote an awesome article which is Trending and Viral and also which is questioning by people.

Happy Blogging Bloggers, all the best.

Please comment down your questions or answers about this article and this idea. and let the people know new ways.



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